Copying waypoints, tasks and airspaces directly to Oudie root

How do I copy files to Oudie without using the SeeYou wizard?

If you do not have access to a version of Seeyou, you can still change the Waypoints, Tasks and Airspace files saved by Oudie. This could be useful for instance, where you have used an alternative task planning software such as XC Planner to generate your task.

  1. Connect Oudie to PC with supplied USB cable. (if you see TFAT folder you have successfully connected the Oudie to PC).
  2. Copy waypoint file (.cup) to the folder Waypoints or Oudie root - supported formats are .CUP and .WPT and some other less common formats.
  3. Safely disconnect Oudie from PC and run the Oudie software.

To then change the Waypoints file:

Find this option via: Menu > Settings > Files > Waypoints > "..." 
  1. Select your Waypoints file > press Active and close all dialogs with OK.

We strongly recommend you save this setting.

Find this option via: Menu > Next > Save Settings > Save Profile > Yes.

You are now using your new waypoints.

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