Task Navboxes

Task Navboxes list

Task remaining distance (tDis) Distance remaining on the task.
Task arrival altitude (tArr) Altitude required to complete the task.
Task required L/D (tL/D) Required glide ration to complete the task.
Task arrival time (tETA) Estimated time of arrival to the finish.
Task estimated time (tETE) Estimated time remaining on task.
Task remaining time (tRemain) Remaining time until task time elapses.
Task Delta time (tDelta) Task established time - Task remaining time.
Speed to gate/Task speed (Tsk.Sp) Required speed for optimal arrival on gate in time.
Task speed (Tsk.Sp.) Speed on task until the present position.
Task required speed (tReq.Sp) Average speed you need to achieve to complete the task inside the Task time.
Task gate time (Gate) Complete opening time of gate (depends on the UTC Offset Setting).
Task time to go (TTG) Optimal arrival time for the start gate.

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