Problem: Oudie will not connect to PC/USB connection not working


Oudie will not connect to or recognize my computer when connecting via the USB port. It used to display a connection display when hooked up, but no more. I'm unable to update software or download flights. I have rebooted the Oudie with no changes. I can see that it charges, but it won't connect. Suggestions?


There are several things to check before declaring the Oudie faulty:

1. Try another USB port on your PC

Often the USB port drivers on the host PC become overloaded or otherwise broken. Simply switching to another USB port on your computer could solve the problem.

2. Check USB connector visually 



All connectors are nicely visible, ordered, and in one line. 
The actual connectors are the small dots in the middle of the plastic plug.
The connectors are either missing, bent, or otherwise out of order.
The plastic plug holding the connectors in place could be damaged or missing.
USB Connector is OK. USB connector needs to be replaced with a new one.

3. Try another USB cable

If the connector looks fine, the cable could be broken.

Please try another USB-A to mini USB cable. We have often found that USB cables supplied with cameras don't work well for various reasons. If you were not using the USB cable supplied with your Oudie, please try that first.

4. Reboot the computer and try another port on your PC

Sometimes the drivers will become broken to the point that none of the USB connectors will work.

We know this because when we test the Oudies before shipping, we sometimes test hundreds in a single day, and this does happen.

Rebooting can help on a computer, usually known to have no problem connecting to an Oudie otherwise.

If you have a USB port with a yellow or blue plug, they are powered or USB 3.0. They can all handle more power and are a better choice for connecting the Oudie than the normal USB 1.0 or USB 2.0 ports.

5. Try a powered USB hub

Often the host PC's power supply is insufficient to support charging the Oudie and conduct communication simultaneously.

This is true particularly for more compact and lower-spec laptops with USB 1.0 or 2.0 ports.

Using a  Powered USB Hub will solve a problem with underpowered USB connectors on your PC. (Note: A computer screen with USB connectors will often be a powered USB hub already, but there is no guarantee.)

6. Try to connect to another PC

If you still cannot get Oudie to connect please try to connect to another PC.

If you can connect successfully on another PC, then the Oudie is not at fault. (We have a PC in the office which will not connect to an Oudie in USB mode regardless of what we do to it!)

7. Uninstall the Mass Storage Device driver

. Search for Device Manager in Windows
. Open the "Universal Serial Bus controllers" tab
. Right-click on "Mass Storage Device"
. Select Uninstall
. Reboot your computer
. Reconnect the Oudie

8. Try to connect with Active Sync (difficult and not recommended)

To try this, you need Active Sync installed (Windows XP).

This was later renamed to Windows Mobile Device Center for Windows versions Vista and above. It is preinstalled on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (also 8.1), and Windows 10.

To put Oudie into Active Sync mode, please exit SeeYou Mobile (Menu > Next  > Exit > Yes). Then click the icon in the upper right corner of the Main Menu window. Then choose the USB menu option:

Once in the menu, select to change the option toggle from "Mass Storage" to "MS ActiveSync." Then press the floppy disk icon to save the changes.

Oudie will reboot. After reboot, plug the USB cable and see if it will connect to the PC. Upon successful connection, an Oudie icon will be visible in the Windows Explorer window as a Portable device (PND):

You can then browse, copy, and delete files on Oudie in Active Sync mode.

We know of at least one computer in our office which is very reluctant to connect to an Oudie in USB mode (Mass Storage Mode), but it will connect perfectly to any Oudie in Active Sync mode. 

If this happens, you can normally use your Oudie until you have time to send it in for repair.

9. Repair

If none of the above solutions fixes the problem, your Oudie will need to be inspected by Naviter.

Please talk to your local Naviter dealer to get it fixed as soon as possible.

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