How to register SeeYou

in order to set up your SeeYou on a new computer download the SeeYou for PC vie the following link:

Once you have registered into SeeYou Cloud proceed via the following steps:

How to register SeeYou for PC? 

Since we released new version of SeeYou (6.0), registration process has changed. You are now registered in four easy steps:
    1. Open SeeYou icon on your desktop (for SeeYou installation follow this  step). 
    2. Go to your e-mail account and open e-mail from SeeYou cloud. Claim your account.  

    3. Click Help and then Registration.
    4. Enter your e-mail and password. Finish by clicking Register.
That's it, you are now registered and always up to date.

If you forgot your SeeYou Cloud password you can recover it here:
You can review the status of your Naviter licenses by logging in to SeeYou Cloud at

We sincerely hope that you are to resolve your problems. If, however, you find yourself unable to achieve this goal, contact us and we will try a different method.

Kind Regards,