Perpetual license and Yearly subscriptions

What is the difference between perpetual license and subscription license?

SeeYou uses a combination of Perpetual and Subscription licenses.

1. application uses a Subscription license.

The web-browser based SeeYou application which is reachable at URL is a subscription based service. It requires an active subscription. When subscription is cancelled, your access to the website is lost.

2. SeeYou for Windows PC uses a perpetual license with exceptions.

Perpetual license means that you can continue to use SeeYou for Windows PC after your subscription is cancelled. You just can not upgrade to the latest version.

Exceptions: The perpetual license comes with exceptions. There are more and more service that are integrated with SeeYou which will not work once your subscription has expired. The following services will not work:
. Integration with TopMeteo weather forecasts
. Integration with SkySight weather forecasts
. Access to SeeYou Cloud integration from SeeYou for Windows PC
. Any service that fails just because URLs to the data source has changed. This may include also basic features such as downloading maps, satellite pictures, airspace updates etc.

If your subscription has lapsed and you would like to upgrade, simply purchase a subscription upgrade and this will give you the latest version of SeeYou and 12 months of upgrades and updates.

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