Plan a badge or a record flight with SeeYou

Planning flights is important for everyone who is trying to maximize the weather conditions. SeeYou offers you a graphical tool to setup tasks. 

Task with pre-set Waypoints

  1. To start planning flights, open the Edit > My Waypoints & Tasks window or press  from the toolbar.
  2. Select View > Map from the main menu or click on the  icon to change view.
  3. To create a new task choose Edit > Add Task or the  icon.
  4. Click on the waypoints on the map to create a task.
  5. Finish adding waypoints by pressing ESC button once.
That's all. You have created a new task.


Plan a Task without pre-set Waypoints
To create a task where its waypoints are not in the Waypoints database, press and hold the Shift key. Each click will create a new waypoint. New waypoints will have a name such as _Point_123. You can change the name and other properties of this point by clicking the mouse right button over it and selecting Edit Waypoint.

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