File integrity error, G-record invalid

Sometimes you may see an error like this when you view your flight in SeeYou (View > Validate IGC file):


There are several reasons why this could happen but this is what you should try first:

1. Oudie was powered off or put to sleep too quickly

Oudie needs time to detect landing and it needs some more time to calculate the G-record. In order to avoid this problem in the first place let it run about 5 minutes after landing (IGC recommends running the flight recorders 10 minutes after landing).

In order to rectify this problem you should reboot the Oudie and let it boot all the way back into navigation software. Then download the flight again. During the new boot Oudie will detect that the last flight is still missing the G-record and it will create it securely.

2. In case of Oudie IGC the security mechanism could have failed or snapped

This would happen if you opened the Oudie IGC for example.

If this is the case you will see a large banner at the top of the screen saying "IGC Security failed, please contact". If this is the case - do it and send a picture of the Menu > Info screen to

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