Connection to LXNAV V7 / CAI 302 / LX 160si / Flarm or similar does not work

Note: This section only applies to Oudie 2 and Oudie IGC for gliding.


Oudie is connected to a vario with the right cables but it keeps displaying a notification "Primary GPS lost, reverting to secondary GPS".


Make sure that the communication baude rates are set to the same value in both SeeYou Mobile / Oudie as well as the connected vario.

You can change the communication parameters on the Oudie in Menu > Settings > Next > Next > Input > Port Settings dialog:


The COM port needs to be "COM 4 (Serial Port)" on the Oudie. The Speed needs to be the same as on your vario. Please see the documentation of the vario about how to find or change the COM port speed of the device you are connecting to your Oudie.

See also Finding the right COM port and baude rate.

Refers to variometers:

  • LXNAV V7, V8, S7, S8, V80, S80 (also with Flarm)
  • Cambridge 302 (*for Oudie 2 only!)
  • Borgelt B50, B500
  • LX Navigation LX 160si, LX 1600, LX 1606, LX 7007, LX 7000, LX 5000
  • SN 10
  • Butterfly Vario
  • Flarm

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