Working with warnings

During the Auto Evaluate process SeeYou checks many parameters and when something is wrong it issues a warning. This is the general idea behind SeeYou. It does not automatically assign penalties, it issues warnings instead. Penalties must be applied manually.

These parameters are checked and a warning is issued when something is wrong:

  • Observation zones
  • Airspace
  • ENL
  • Maximum altitude
  • Maximum and minimum Finish altitude
  • Time required below start altitude before starting
  • Maximum start groundspeed
  • Maximum recording interval
  • If the flight file was started in flight 
  • Validation of IGC security record

When something is wrong a warning is listed in SeeYou: 


The purpouse of Warnings is for the Scorer to be warned about possible irregularities during the flight,  take a closer look at the problem and then decide whether or not an action is required. Warnings do not show up in results or score sheets. 

A warning can also be created in the scripts. It is called User warning and is also displayed in the "Warnings"  column.

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