Get access to competitions from the old Soaring Spot

During the launch of the new Soaring Spot website the user management was changed. The old usernames were deprecated and SeeYou Cloud username has become the manager of Soaring Spot competitions.

1. You can (and should) still claim the competitions which you have scored in the past by visiting this link:

Enter your old Soaring Spot username and password into the fields and click "Claim".

2. Important: It is important to understand that in the new system the Waypoints and Tasks are uploaded to Soaring Spot. Go to the Administration area then choose Edit Competition and Files. You candrag and drop your Waypoint and Airspace file there. When you open SeeYou these are going to be the files that will be used by SeeYou:


3. At the end of this process install the latest version of SeeYou

Run SeeYou and go to File > Open Competition. You will immediately see the list of competitions which you have administered in the past. If you uploaded the files they will already be in SeeYou, ready to go.

Read more about the new Soaring Spot here:

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