Oudie <--> Mac USB connection problem

We are aware of the issue where the connection between Mac and Oudie/Blade cannot be established. Our team of engineers has devoted a vast amount of time, trying tirelessly to resolve it, but to no avail. It was finally determined that the problem lies in the Mac OS. Oudie does, in fact, connect to the Mac but for some reason, it is not being mounted as a mass storage drive. We have reported the bug to Apple but were dismissed without any proper explanation. 

We have a work-around for you below, but please help us get this issue sorted directly with Apple so that your Oudie will work with Mac computers in the future as it did prior to Mac OS Mojave (10.14.4+).  We kindly ask you to reply to the following thread on the Apple communities in order to build pressure on Apple so that they will fix the issue:
Our developers would be grateful if you could leave a short comment reporting that you are experiencing the same issue and that the complication was not present prior to their update of the operating system. We hope to get Apple's attention through the number of comments and to motivate them to solve this problem. 

Until then, the following steps below can be used to connect the Oudie with your Mac: 

  1. Disconnect all your USB devices from  your computer and turn off your Bluetooth and WiFi module
  2. Reboot the Mac with the "Reopen windows when logging back in" unchecked


  3. Turn on your Oudie and wait for it to boot
  4. Exit the SeeYou Mobile (Menu > Exit)
  5. Connect the Oudie via the USB cable

After performing the above steps, you can reconnect all your USB devices and turn on the Bluetooth and Wifi, without a problem.  Unfortunately, the above procedure will have to be repeated each time the Oudie is connected.

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