Fanet+ / Flarm

1. The Oudie 5 broadcasts its signal under the Fanet+/Flarm communication protocol. Consequently, every device that is Fanet+/Flarm supported is, therefore, able to pick up this signal. This means you cannot transmit your signal only to selected pilots - it is a software and hardware limitation from Flarm, unfortunately.

2. Fanet+/Flarm functionality can be set up via Menu > Settings > Next > Next > Next > Radar

3. BUDDIES - you can now see selected pilots/friends/teammates anywhere!

The quickest way to set up the Buddies is via:
. click on the Map in order to open  Cursor Info dialog
. press  Radar
. select ˝ Buddy˝ you would like to add
. click  Add/Edit button at the bottom side of dialog
. Set up  Buddy name
. press  Add to buddy list and you´re done! :)

Later you can edit the Buddies via Menu > Settings > Next > Next > Next > Buddies

If your wish to the device to display only your buddies, set Show > Radar zoom to never:

Note: In order to be able to manipulate the Buddies function the devices require a GPS signal.

SMALL TIP: During the testing we found it quite helpful to display the others's tracks, they enable one to see the paths other pilots have taken. chosen! ;) 

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