connection V7(S7) to Oudie IGC problem

"Following the procedure with starting up the V7(S7) and the Oudie IGC and connect the Oudie with the V7 the system was ready to be used. By having the radar rings activated I know the system is working so to speak."

The next step is to upload the task from the Oudie IGC to the Red Box IGC.  After the upload a bracket is shown instructing one to disconnect the cable and put it back again. Do as written. 

The radar rings that are supposed to be displayed on the screen are gone. The Oudie starts running on its own internal GPS, consequently the V7 is not working anymore and the arrival altitude is not displayed on the V7, the Oudie still gives the necessary information.


Repeating the above mentioned procedure and the rings ought to reappear. .
Do a check-up before take off by restarting the Oudie immediately after the task has been uploaded in this case to a Red Box and the also do the above mentioned process of disconnecting and connecting back the cable.

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