Choose Map type

To choose the best map type for you, open the Layers panel. You can choose from four map types that serve four different needs:

Light map is useful when you need strong contrast on your screen in the bright sunlight. You know the terrain, you just need the rivers, lakes, roads and railways to help with navigation. This map is also best for displaying weather layers because the colors won't mix with the underlaying map style:

Terrain map is best for showing terrain with the highest possible contrast. This map scheme has great level of detail. It makes it easy to see the smallest valleys clearly.

Outdoor map shows topography in great detail. It is great for use in flat wooded areas as well as mountaneous terrain where the level of contrast provieded by the Terrain map is not required.

Satellite map has the ultimate level of detail. It complements the Outdoor map when you find yourself in an unfamiliar area and are looking for visual clues in the nature.

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