Basic setup

Menu > Settings is where you can change the basic settings in SeeYou Navigator.

You can change
. Active Waypoint & Task collection (tap to get the list from SeeYou Cloud)
. Units (tap to rotate through different options)
. Map orientation (tap to switch between North up and Track up)
. Display orientation (tap and the screen will rotate between Portrait and Landscape modes)
. Swipe gestures (enable for real-world use in cockpit, just read the instructions first)
. Toggle the display of Compass rose around your glider position
. Load or Save your Widgets setup (navboxes, buttons and indicators)
. Setup Weather provider integrations
. Enable/Disable sending anonymous analytics back to Naviter (if you keep this enabled you will help to keep this software stable and add features more quickly)
. Restore settings back to factory defaults.

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